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Professional Excellence Seminar

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A world of work in crisis

The latest global Gallup survey shows that less than 15% of employees are engaged in their work lives, and several studies have shown that most employees dislike their jobs. This is not only unfortunate, it is a real drain on the productivity, innovation and overall competitiveness of organizations. “Open Space” workspaces, “team buildings” or others
incentive courses do not change anything on their own because they do not address the substantive issue. Nothing from the outside can really bring lasting positive change.

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Sport as a model

Our institute was born from a question: why are athletes so often more successful in their careers than others? Sports training requires the development of certain universal values such as humility, discipline, respect and dedication that bring out the best in everyone. Excellence is an art that is achieved only through constant exercise. We are what we repeat. Excellence is not an action but a habit. KBI's unique method enables people to feel the impact of sporting values in their own professional lives and gives them the tools to effect positive and lasting change.

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Make sense

Train your employees now







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Excel like an athlete

Once KBI has trained your staff and your management team, things cannot stay the same because:


1. Staff members have concrete, values-based tools to become better through daily struggle.


2. Managers and executives have changed their outlook on their staff and have the tools to shape a culture of excellence.

3. All have experienced that excellence comes from within and that they must strive daily to achieve this excellence.

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"For the first time in my career, I received training that focuses on what's going on inside of me. No technical training. Mental training."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does your training change?

Our seminars teach leaders and executives how to create a culture of excellence through the development of...

What is your method? How it works?

KBI uses sports and martial arts as an example to bring about a moment of...

What does this have to do with martial arts?

Sport transmits realistic human values that bring out the best in people. They are a...

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